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This is an informational wiki run by Multiplay -- if you are having issues and your server is not hosted by us we will unfortunately not be able to offer further assistance.

Multiplay is a Hampshire based family run company, started way back in 1997 by Craig "Wizzo" Fletcher as a small LAN company.

Since then Multiplay has grown into one of the worlds' largest Game Server Providers (GSP's) with over 4 million gamers playing on 21,000 servers every month. With nearly half a million registered members, Multiplay is also one of the largest communities in Europe!

Multiplay's flagship event is the Insomnia Gaming Festival; a fusion of games, industry exhibitors and a social festival atmosphere.

It is the biggest gaming festival in the UK, playing host to over 2000 avid gamers 3 times a year. Ran by Multiplay employees and an army of volunteer event crew, the Insomnia Gaming Festival or i-Series as it's known, has become a home to eSports in the UK.

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