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What is a profile?

One of the most powerful features within ClanForge™ is the use of profiles. A profile is a term we use to describe a complete set of configuration files and settings that are needed to set up a game server. Without one, the game server would be nothing more than an IP address and a port number, it wouldn't even know what game it is!

What do they contain?


At the base, they contain the default configurations for the Game/ mod they are for. In this example, we will be using Team Fortress 2.
Configs in ClanForge

Configs are editable in ClanForge under the Configs tab. Here we can see server.cfg, which is the primary config of TF2. Different games give different configuration options so ClanForge™ reflects this in the Profiles interface, with certain screens only appearing for certain games and the available configuration options changing from game to game.


Profiles also contain Addons. Addons are a set of plugins or extensions that can be added to your server.
Addons Editor

When adding addons to your profile, additional configs will appear in the Configs section if the addon is configurable. For quick addition, there is a search box, which filters the list of addons for quick addition.


Maplists are configurable in ClanForge under the Maps tab.
Maplist Creator

The map list output is generated dynamically based on this maplist, and maps are added in the rotation order that they are in here.

Why are Profiles so useful?

Profiles allow ClanForge to store settings for a server neatly, ready for you to apply quickly and with ease. They are more powerful than maintaining separate configs for individual servers, if you have more than one of a server and can hold information on different mods, or even games. You could, for example, have a 3 profiles for your TF2 server, one that runs most of the time, which is a public Saxton Hale server, one which runs the ESL configs (for match days), and one which you and your clan use to train.

Creating profiles

Many profiles can be created in a relatively short space of time.

A new profile is creatable on the left-hand side of ClanForge
Create a new profile
or by clicking the Create Profile button on the server dashboard. Once there, a box will be displayed
New Profile Creation
Choose a game, a Mod and a template and name your new profile.

The profile can now be configured and applied to a server

Switching profiles

The easiest way to change profiles from your server dashboard is to click the Switch Profile button on the ClanForge server dashboard.
Switching Profiles

Changing to a game/mod that is not installed on the selected server's machine will notify our Support team, and your IP address and port may be altered in order to accomodate this choice.