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Mods are normally user created rewrites of games that change core server files. A good example is Minecraft and Bukkit being the same game, but different mods.

How do I run a different mod?

To run a different mod on you server you first need to create a profile for that mod;

  • Go to Profiles -> Create New
  • Select the base game the profile is for
  • Choose the mod you'd like to use
  • Choose the template you'd like. Templates alter the default settings the profile is created with
  • Enter a name for your profile. This is how you'll identify your profile in Clanforge
  • Click Create

A guide on Profiles is available Here

After setting up your profile, save and apply it to the correct server and your server will start up with your new mod selected.

How do I upload a new Mod?

If a Mod you'd like isn't available you can upload it for us to install;

  • Go to the Server Dashboard -> Uploads
  • Fill in the uploads form with the appropriate settings;

Game: The game the upload is for Mod: The Mod you'd like the upload to be available for Type: The type of file you're uploading (Map/Mod/Addon/Patch/World) Server: The server you'd like to use the upload on Description: The name and a brief description of the upload File: Here you can select the file you'd like to upload from your PC. Please note the file will need to be an archive (zip/RAR/tar.gz etc) for this to work. URL: If you don't have the file on your PC you can provide and download link for it instead. If you're uploading a file please put any links to it in the description box instead. This URL is only for download links. Instructions: Any extra info you have for the upload. It's always good to put a link to the website for it if possible so we can check for any extra info.

  • Click Upload

A support ticket will be generated and submitted, for our support staff to install. We will e-mail you once it is installed and ready for use.