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From time to time, you will find yourself wanting to upgrade your server - this may be due to an increased playerbase wanting access to the server, or to give yourself increased performance, or in the case of MineCraft, to even make way for a big project.

Thankfully, upgrading your service is easy with Multiplay and the ClanForge interface.

So, you want to upgrade

First things first, you're going to need to log in to ClanForge.

Once you've logged in, on the lower right side of the main page, there will be a black-topped box with your MH number in bold white text. This is where you find all of your service control options.

You want to hit either "Manage Games" or "Manage Slots" - both of these icons link to the Upgrades page.

Here's the Upgrade options

Starting from the top left of the Upgrades page, we'll run down all the options and what they are for, how they change your service, and how the affect other parts of the upgrade process.

Additional Games

This drop-down menu lists every game that we offer, and can be added to your account as a swappable game. This does not create a new server for you, but means you can create a new profile with the new game, and when you apply that profile, your server will swap from the original game to the new one. You can then switch between them at any point.

Adding a new game

This is a very simple process:

  • Select the game you want
  • Click "Add"
  • A few moments will pass, and the game will be added to your games list

Oh noes, it broke / it doesn't work!

Sometimes, when doing this, you will see a window that says "You can not add this product as it conflicts with products you already have installed."

What this means is that the game you've selected is not compatible with the game you're currently running. Most of the time, this issue will occur when trying to do something with Minecraft, as we run Minecraft on a different Operating System to the rest of our games, for stability and performance purposes. This doesn't mean switching game is impossible, it just means you can't have a swappable server; you will either need to purchase a new service, or put a ticket in to our Gameserver Support team and ask them to switch your game for you.


This just shows you which games you currently have available as swappable games. Many games can run under a single MH number.

In the case of Voice Comms, this shows as a drop-down menu for you to switch between the programs, as only one type of Voice Comms can run under a single MH number.


This defines how many players can join your game server. Changing this will alter the cost of your server.

Max memory ( Minecraft only)

In Minecraft, if you have a lot of machines, circuits systems, or a high player count, you will often need to allocate more memory to keep the server running smoothly. This option allows you to select more or less ram based on what you wish to do with the server.

  • This will be affected by MaxPlayers; if you increase the MaxPlayers, the RAM count will be automatically increased to cope with the increased playercount.


This is the same as MaxPlayers, but sets the maximum player count for Voice Comms servers, rather than game servers.


Branding is where we keep the Multiplay name and logos advertised on the server. For example, if you "Debranding" option is set to "No", your server name will be "Multiplay :: Your Server Name Here". If you select "Yes" for the Debranding option, the "Multiplay ::" section of the server name will be removed, and any logos and adverts will be removed from your server.

Changed stuff? Time to Calculate

Once you've changed your server settings, and selected the options you wish to apply to your server, there is a button in the bottom right of the box marked "Calculate".

This button will automatically work out how much your changes will cost to apply immediately, and let you know what you need to pay, and also what your renewal period price will change to.

  • Renewal Total is how much you will pay at your next renewal.
  • Prorata Total is what you need to pay to apply the changes now.

That's cool, time to Checkout

If you're happy with the changes and the price, then it's time to hit the Checkout button and go through the payment process.