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Rcon or Remote connection/console, is a way of administrating your server using third party software which creates a connection to the server via specialised ports and protocols. Using connection information and password available from the Game Server Provider (GSP).

Clanforge RCON Login

Battlefield 3 Server Admin Address


In clanforge the details for using an RCON with BF3 can be found in 2 places. Those are the sidebar tabs; Servers & Profiles.

Click the Servers button on the side bar, now find the server you want to RCON. Next to the details text, press "show", you can now see the server information, it should look like in the picture. The information you need for the RCON is the Server IP address and the Admin/Query port.

Battlefield 3 Server Admin Login Information

Next you need to find out your server's Admin password, you always need this for remote connection, you do not need the admin name for RCON

Click the Profiles button on the side bar, here you will see a variety of information relating to your Battlefield 3 server, all of this information can be different for each clanforge server profile.

The default tab is "Basic" and at the bottom of this you will see see the "Admin Passord".

You can change the admin password setting to whatever you want it to be, this is usful because if it gets leaked, you can block anyone with the old information from controlling your server.

You should never need the Admin Name for RCON access.

Choosing an RCON Tool

So far there are at least 4 RCONs for battlefield 3:



This RCON is being developed by and is available for personal use by anyone, regardless of who your Game Server Provider is.

Their web page is:

BF3CC setup guide



Battlefield Commander an RCON who's developers are offering free hosting for the final version, its currently in beta. Their web page is:

Possibly connected to Wolfcon Rcon for Battlefield bad company 2

BF3 rconNET

RconNET scoreboard.png

BF3 rconNET is a Server-Administration-System (Admin tool) for Battlefield 3, devloped in JAVA and is running as a deamon on a dedicated Linux server. rconNET gives you the ability to administrate your BF3 server via a comfortable webinterface. You don't need to download any Software. You can manage everything via the webinterface. rconNET is connected to your server 24/7, you dont need to open a browser or a client to use ingame commands or spam the chat with automated messages.

BF3 rconNET provides a full Admin and Subadmin management system. You can create subadmins and set their privileges on the webinterface and ingame commands.





Connected Players Page

Procon is an rcon developed by a group of several international developers. Most of the features of procon come from the abiliy for anyone to make plugins for it. Originally developed for Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor 2010 it now has support for Battlefield 3, though as of november 2011 this is currently in beta.

There are many plugins available for bad company 2, some of these still work in Battlefield 3. Please refer to the Procon page for more information.

Procon setup guide

Procon has been localised into 14 different languages.

English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Portugues Brasileiro.



BigBrotherBot (B3) is an in-game rcon tool. It is free.

There are many add-ons for B3. The most notable being Xlrstats and Echelon (Admin Panel)

Home Page:

This also works for many other games too, including bfbc2.



jGuardian made by Anubis and is an application for game servers management (currently only BF 3). jGuardian is written in Java language in version 1.6. This application owns an implemented system of attendance of plug-ins expanding its capabilities. jGuardian do not possess a graphic interface for users – this is an application working in the console. For its configuration it`s use an panel which allows for graphic settings modification.

Home Page: